Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LBD ~ Linen Black Dress

Keeping cool has been a personal challenge in this hot summer weather.
We are not accustomed to unrelenting high temperatures here in Victoria and like many people I am learning the hard way how to modify and adapt my routine and habits in accordance with the changing climate.

The roses in The Humble Bungalow Garden are totally loving this summer sunshine and they are putting on a spectacular and repeated display of blooms.
A few David Austin Roses in the front yard have proven to be a delicious snack for our local deer :-(

Roses are rather high maintenance in the heat as they are "thirsty plants"...
I've decided that I am in that "same category" when it comes to maintaining my "cool."

Gardening in the sunshine is certainly thirsty work for this Hostess.
I've been mindful and hydrating while I work sipping sparkling Perrier when I am out in the garden.

A little later in the evening after a hard days work in the garden Mr. HB made me a Gimlet.
Do you know what goes into a Gimlet? I didn't.
Roses Lime Cordial, gin and a slice of lime.
It was delicious...

Our lower level of The Humble Bungalow is cool...
( we turn off the in floor heat for the summer)
I love looking out our French door to the patio when I am ironing or doing the laundry.
Sometimes I take a mug of tea or a cold drink downstairs and gaze out at the garden.
I plan a lot of changes when I sit on the bench.

Amalfi shoes
on the cool tile.

When I am not mucking about in the Humble Bungalow Garden...
(wearing my standard uniform of black Yoga pants and a Tee shirt)
I get cleaned up and change into something a bit nicer...

Lately have been wearing a cool loose black linen dress that was made in Italy.
I purchased it from Mercedes Lane, a shop in the Cook Street Village.
I proudly wear my natural linen dress with wrinkles!

It's a "sack dress" with slouchy pockets but the thing is so darn cool that I grab it more often than any other garment in my closet...the women that I met in the South of France wore Italian linen dresses too and they have very HOT weather there.

I wear a sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
~ ~ ~ 

The Humble Bungalow Garden is undergoing a transformation this summer.
It's long overdue...
with marauding and hungry deer and the recent drought I figure it's as good a time as any.
 I will be posting some updates soon.

A lone Allium stands amid a bed of Lily of the Valley...
these dry beautifully and make an interesting feature in a simple glass vessel.

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sea Ray Summer ~ Friday Harbour

While we were moored at Roche Harbour Marina we decided to spend the day exploring Friday Harbour on San Juan Island. We'd been there before, many years ago, once by boat and once via the Clipper and remembered that it was a quaint historic town with a large grocery shop and many small and interesting stores.
The Washington State ferry docks at Friday Harbour and there is a very large Marina adjacent to where the ferry comes in...if we were staying longer we would have cruised into the harbour and stayed for a day or two to provision.

It was a really hot afternoon and we wandered about for over an hour before ducking into a shady patio for something cold to drink and a bite to eat.

Crab cakes for The Hostess!
(minus all the mayo)

We found a bamboo salad bowl set with a First Nation design in the little kitchen shop.
They are made in Vancouver BC!

Mr. HB spied them and mentioned that if we could find somewhere to stow them that we should purchase them for our boat.
As we were paying I said "Happy Anniversary!"
Our 41st to be exact.

We did take time to relax...
we read our books and wandered along the dock peeking at all the boats.

Easy meals...our "Picky Plate."
(when it's too hot to cook we nibble and "pick at" an assortment of things)
That's Maytag Blue Cheese...made by the son of the Maytag Empire and only available in the US.
We try to buy some each time we go south as it is delicious...
I love it sprinkled on a green salad...
a little goes a long way.

Coffee and foamed milk...
 a good way to savour the start to the day.

Black Yoga capri length pants
a white linen Lands End Tee
Sperry Shoes and an "old as the hills" Eddie Bauer straw hat.

I don't dress up much on the boat.
It's comfort all the way!

The winds were strong Gale Force in all the nearby Straits so we chose to stay another night.
We were up bright and early the next morning and scooted across Haro Strait in our SeaRay before the predicted winds rose up again...

I love the hues of blue and mauve in the petals of this hydrangea.

The garden is shaping up nicely with an energetic and dedicated garden helper on board.
I'm so grateful for an extra pair of hands...
you know that old saying 

"many hands make light work."
~ John Heywood ~

And speaking of hands
 a reader has brought me some of those fabulous Playtex Living gloves from the states.
(which I think is so exciting!)
I'm going to meet up with her this week and visit her new home on Salt Spring Island.

I love the kindness and generosity of people in the blogging community.
I've had great opportunities to meet new people and make connections.
It's something that I never expected...

Thank you!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sea Ray Summer ~ Roche Harbour

Roche Harbour is located on San Juan Island in Washington State.
Just south of the 49th parallel across Haro Strait from Sidney, BC awaits a picturesque marina with all the amenities. It's a lovely spot to tie up our SeaRay for a few days.
It also is the permanent home to many US boats.

Modest boats mingle together with vast opulent yachts sharing dock space while the owners are free to enjoy the Resort. Boaters are an extremely friendly lot. It makes little difference that you are cruising on a 70 or 100 foot yacht or a 25 foot runabout...you are "out there" on the ocean having fun.

We observed two families sharing a "very compact" boat, which was probably about 25 feet...4 adults and 6 children..can you imagine the logistics? The sleeping and cooking arrangements would require immense planning and precision.
They were having a fabulous time and there was lots of laughter and some good natured competition.
Racing on paddle boards, floaty toys, kayaks and a sailing dingy and when they were not having races they were swimming at the pool...I imagine that they were exhausted by the time their heads hit the pillow!

Roche Harbour Resort has a swimming pool, assorted shops, a spa, cafe, bar, restaurant, The Hotel de Haro, beautiful gardens, a church and tennis courts. At sunset the flags are lowered in a precision military fashion accompanied by music.
This is known as the "Colours ceremony."

I snapped a bunch of pictures to share with you...

Here we are tied up on the guest dock in front of the church.

The Hotel is a popular spot for weddings.

The historic Lime Co. building houses the grocery, clothing store, the washrooms, laundry, showers and a post office.

Crab Season opened and many boaters were setting their traps.
The cook pots on the docks were boiling away in no time and people were enjoying their haul.

The Lime Kilns.

The lovely Classic Chris Craft "Paloma" formerly known as Destiny.
She has just been professionally and lovingly restored.
Her new home port will be San Francisco, California.
We met the proud owners who had just taken her out on their maiden voyage and were cruising with their friends aboard the classic beauty "Rialto."
These beautiful Chris Craft wooden boats in "just out of the box" immaculate condition require a lot of hard work, TLC and VERY deep pockets!

The grocery store is well stocked with an assortment of food...
they carry all kinds of things that mariners might have forgotten to pack!

Wines from Washington, Oregon and California as well as imports are available.

White roses

White wedding gowns...

a perfect pairing.

It was hot weather and we needed to make shade on our boat which was quite a challenge.
We used towels and a blanket to help keep the midday sun off our lounge.

I was most surprised to see Starbucks working out of one of the kiosks in the square.
There are many local artists and artisans selling their work out of these kiosks and by the amount of people milling about I think they must do a pretty good business.

The Kayak rentals were always busy.

We took the shuttle into Friday Harbour one day to explore.
Stay tuned...
I'll show you some more of this idyllic destination...
in the next post.

we have had a downpour of rain this morning and we really need more to help douse the forest fires that are raging in our province.
The gardens are parched and there are water restrictions in many municipalities...
I'm praying for rain.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Humble Bungalow Below the stairs...

Greetings from The Humble Bungalow.
I took a very short blog break and I'm back...

In a recent post on wall treatments I showed pictures of the original dark wood interior of our arts and crafts home.
Stephen Andrew mentioned that he'd be tempted to paint the interior of our Humble Bungalow white and I have to admit that if it were up to just me I'd be wielding a white paintbrush.

Architect, Milo S Farwell designed our small home over 100 years ago...
it is a modest, small and very humble abode.
There is a historic value in these wee arts and crafts bungalows and many are being demolished in favour of larger homes. So restoration and preservation, with a nod to the integrity of the period seems appropriate...we updated the kitchen and bathrooms in the style but with new fixtures and appliances.
Our home is on the Heritage Registry which means that it can never be demolished.

We must take care to maintain the home and can apply for grants to help with big projects...
we did this with our roof and plan to apply for a grant to help pay for the painting that it so badly needs.

The interior of the living, and dining rooms of our home have also been designated heritage...
so I would not be permitted to paint them white!
In our basement it's a different matter, we went with white white and more white!!!

The quartz counter top in the laundry area.
Vintage enamel bread tin and colander.

The tools are black and white too...
this duo sports a touch of lime.

The bench by the door with an oar...

The LG washer and dryer are pewter grey and the floor tile is a mottled black.
(my goodness! I spy tan lines from my flip flops)

A basic black bamboo dress hangs to dry.

This hall would be very dark if it was not for the white walls.
You can see the guest room at the end of the hall.

The bathroom has a white tiled floor with black accents.

The bathroom shelf which I purchased at HomeSense.

Vintage mirror that I found on the boulevard...
Someones trash is someones treasure!

I threw in this picture of a black and white pillow that we have on our linen slip covered sofa in the family room.

I bought a new Cut Loose white top at Roche Harbour Resort .
We recently cruised to San Juan Island in Washington State, for a few days aboard our Sea Ray.
(Isla, our darling grand daughter is the artist behind the picture)

BTW grand baby number 3 is due any day now...
I am excited to meet the new little girl.

I'll be putting together a pictorial post of Roche Harbour sometime soon...
it's such a pretty spot and I'd like to share it with you.
In case you didn't know it's a destination for weddings.
Apparently there are over 120 weddings held in the garden every year.
While we were there for 5 days we noted 3 weddings were held in the gardens.
Loved the dreamy white gowns that the brides wore...
one wedding had 4 brides maids and they all wore white gowns and carried bouquets of white roses they looked so elegant...

It's time to relax and brew a pot of tea.

Until next time...
thank you for stopping by.
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