Thursday, May 28, 2015

South of Paris ~ Auvillar.

After 2 fun filled weeks in Paris I headed south on the IDTGV to Agen... where I was met by friends and driven to the charming Village of Auvillar.

The quaint and beautiful Village of Auvillar is where our good friends John and Cheryl stay as host and hostess of the Virginia College of the Arts for artists staying in residence while working in France. This is the historic house that they reside in and it is so cozy that I can see why they want to return every year.

The 11th century Chapel next door...

The Romans influence is still evident today.

Colourful shutters...

Town square...
where grain was sold and traded.

Cheryl's garden shed...

What a lovely place to call home.

An elderly woman lives here...
I waited until she went inside before snapping this photo as I didn't want to be intrusive.

Lovely gates...
gorgeous gardens inside....

Loving the paint on the shutters and doors...

Outdoor Chapel....

Cheryl Fortier and the local school children collaborated on this Auvillar mural...

Pilgrims walk this route on their way to Spain.

Dining al fresco...

I love her boat series...

There were beautiful plants growing in the lush village gardens.
I walked every day and wove my way up the hill into town snapping pictures as I delighted in capturing the beauty of this wee Village.

I'll post a series in a few days of images on the flowers and roses that captured my fancy...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Paris Pilgrimage ~ Hermes...

As a self confessed scarf addict I knew that I would be making the pilgrimage to Hermes when I was in Paris...
in fact I visited not once but twice!

Once with my friends when we made the rounds on the first or second day and I was not prepared to take up their time while I made my choice so I knew I would come back before I left...which I did accompanied by Jamie Cat Callan and several of the gals on the Ooh La La Tour.

love their window displays
you can see the Haussmann style buildings in the reflection...

My sister would love some of this tack for her barn!

Look at the huge wooden structures!

Hermes seems to do everything on a grand scale.

Look at the vast array of colours.
Ooh la la the sumptuous silk scarves...
decisions decisions!

A small silk square in a pretty pattern that will go with most everything in my closet.

These pillows and blankets are so soft...would love to cozy up under one and have a nap.

I am wearing my Hermes scarf around the house as I tackle the domestics...
a little Parisian pizazz goes a long way!

I'm planning a few more posts on France.

I am feeling so content after my trip...
(basking in the afterglow)
I wonder if I will still have anything left to say...
(time will tell)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Parisian Plates ~ a foodie post.

The first two nights that I was in Paris I had a picnic supper in my room.
Monoprix was a 3 minute walk from my hotel and they stocked fizzy water, wine, a fresh food floor and on the main, a deli offering all kinds of sandwiches and salads.
(They sold cosmetics, clothes and housewares...rather like a French version of a Target store.)

"Dining in" felt right,
as a combination of jet lag and physical fatigue had set in by 5pm those first few days.

I kept a journal of my trip...
the wee red book has many pages filled with my thoughts and details of the places that I visited.

I'd shower and freshen up in the evening
 slip into my nightie and relax while sipping a glass of wine and make notes in my journal.

Cooking class with author and Ooh La La Tour leader Jamie Cat Callan here we are lowering our umbrellas (parapluies) for a quick photo op.

 La Cuisine Market Shopping was a lot of fun.
The weather was rainy but did not dampen our spirits!

Here we are at Hotel de Ville at the kitchen prepping food for our lunch.

White asparagus with mouselline sauce.

Duck with demi glaze and relish, roasted vegetables, and asparagus.

Pistachio and raspberry cake
chocolate cake with whipped cream.

On another occasion, Jamie and I enjoyed Lunch at Danton's sitting in the window...
looking out across at Boulevard Saint Germain.
Simply delicious ~ a perfect omelet and tossed salad.

Croque monsieur 
(very rich and laden in calories but I wanted to try one)

Chocolates at Chez Richart

Macarons at Chez Richart

Salad with poached egg and melted goat cheese on toast.

John Dory fish with herbs and vegetables.

Here's a picture of the cafeteria at The Musee D'Orsay before the lunch crowds descended...

Large salad lunch at The Muse D'Orsay with my Lapsang Souchon Tea!
(I couldn't eat it all!)

Duck with a cherry infused demi-glaze served with mashed potatoes.

Market Day in Vallence D'Agen near Auvillar France.
This market takes over several streets on Tuesdays.

I bought a buttery brioche and a Lion's Heart Tomato for our lunch.

Served with a chilled rose...
tomatoes on bread with a sprinkling of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Simple fresh country food but oh so tasty!

Can you just imagine how delicious this lunch tastes?

My friends John and Cheryl introduced me to the quaint Village of Saint Cirq-Lapopie.
It's an enchanting place.

Looks like time has stopped still in this pretty little Village.

Omelet with salad and gratin potatoes...

Looking back at the Village as we drove away...
we climbed up to that look out and the views were amazing.

Dinner out at Auberge close to Auvillar in the neighbouring Village of Bardique.

Foie Gras with toast points and relish garnished with apple pom poms.

Lamb which has been slow roasted for 11 hours
served with root vegetables.

Bon Appetit!

Dinner out at Le Petit Palais in Auvillar

Duck served with a side of orange sauce, pommes frites and a wee salad...
this was so incredible.
(BTW The only frites I ate in France.)

Cheers...from Auvillar.
My first Cassis Cocktail
Violet Cassis from Toulouse mixed with white wine.

Hope you enjoyed this food related post...
I'm off for a walk now as I have more than a few pounds to shed!

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